Service Design: Strategy

Day 1

September 27th 2017

Much of what we do in service design is about making strategic choices, setting direction, and doing so with confidence. But to know the path forward, we need to understand the present and the opportunities contained within. During our time together on Day One, we will investigate the power of design methods to shape service strategies that are both rigorous and human-centric. Through real-world examples and hands-on exercises, we will explore business and customer ecosystems. We will look at insights generation through quantitative and qualitative research. We will map experiences, and practice identifying opportunities for design.

Service Design: Architecture

Day 2

September 28th 2017

Successful service experiences don’t just happen. They are orchestrated to seamlessly support the needs of customers and employees, while connecting to the internal platforms and processes that drive them. On Day Two, we bring together the essentials of service orchestration and architecture to provide a foundation on how to iterate on service experiences and connect them to operations. You will take away tools of modeling, alignment, and communication that shape smart and systemic solutions.

Service Design: Delivery

Day 3

September 29th 2017

Ideas are worthless without action. They can also be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you get things moving? How do you get buy in? How do you make sure you’re on the right path? Day Three focuses on overcoming the challenges of bringing multi-channel services to life. We’ll practice methods to rapidly model, test, and iterate on experiences, as well as to align teams, systems, and processes. We’ll also explore methods to evolve services over time while delivering value at each step of the way.